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Coppertail 9th Anniversary (2023)

Coppertail Brewing treated us to a delightful free concert last month for their 9th Anniversary. The lineup included incredible artists such as Blu DeTiger, Trash Panda, Copeland, and many more. As we gathered in the back courtyard of the brewery, we were welcomed by the harmonious blend of live music, the tantalizing aroma of craft beer, and the mouth-watering scent of smokey barbeque. Our hosts at Coppertail meticulously planned the event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable transition for attendees. It was a unique experience, starting from the cozy atmosphere of the indoor bar and then passing through a backdoor into a fully produced concert setting. The collaboration between the Gasparilla Music Festival and Coppertail Brewing teams resulted in a top-notch, intimate event that provided exceptional value to all those in attendance.

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