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Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) Interview

We had a wonderful chat with saxophone player @dominiclalli from @biggigantic at @brainquilityfl earlier this year. Taking part in his new project with @ericbennybloom @deitchadam @borahmkeys @digroberts to form @bttrflyquintet, who performed an incredible jam set at Brainquility Music Festival 2022. It was a real treat to see one of the first live performances from this group at a local festival nonetheless. Their performance was nothing short of magnificent, taking place at the amphitheater located inside Suwannee Music Park's mystical venue. 


Meeting up shortly before his set, Dom was gracious enough to share some insight on what he had been up to. Obviously the pandemic gave a lot of people more time to spend with their families and room to grow as individuals. Dominic Lalli took full advantage of this in every way. Not only working on new music with Big Gigantic, but several other projects. With Big Gigantic’s new album release “Brighter Future 2”, we can expect some great things in the future from Dom.


Aside from current music projects we got a chance to converse about Dominic’s past experiences as a musician. From starting in Colorado playing beats for rappers at small venues to then meeting his band mate and drummer, Jeremy Salken @jewunit from Big Gigantic, in college. A lot has happened since then and we can only reminisce on all the fun. Seeing them for the first time at Mad Decent Block Party in 2014 was eye opening. After that staying up to date with their music was habitual. Even waiting closely every year for Big Gigantic’s Winter Chill Mix, which Dominic confirms that it will continue to go on.

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