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Geese (2024)

In May 2024, the Brooklyn-based band Geese made their inaugural visit to Tampa, Florida. They delivered an exceptional performance at a renowned venue located in Tampa's illustrious Ybor City. Geese is at the forefront of a new wave of musical groups.


The band's debut concert attracted an almost full house, marking their first appearance in the warm and vibrant atmosphere affectionately dubbed "the sweaty pit" of Tampa. Their dynamic performance earned them honorary "Florida man" status due to the sweltering heat—despite it not being summer yet. Fortunately, their captivating sounds provided much-needed respite for attendees grappling with the high temperatures.


The show took place at Crowbar, a consistently warm but beloved establishment known for offering an immersive experience featuring graffiti-adorned walls and potent cocktails served by edgy bartenders. The evening kicked off with a stellar performance by local band Discord Theory, setting an energetic tone for headliners Geese. Geese is currently touring in support of their latest album, *3D Country*, which features standout tracks such as "Cowboy Nudes" and "2122."


Witnessing this emerging band live was truly fortunate—we anticipate that they will rapidly gain popularity as they continue to captivate larger audiences. If you're seeking alternative or indie music in your city, be sure to catch Geese if they perform nearby; you won't be disappointed.

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