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SIDE TRAKD Interview

Local restaurant and lounge, m.bird, has been a solid spot for house heads in Tampa, FL. Bringing weekly Elevated Thursday's and steady talent on weekends. One of the most recent artists they have brought in is SIDE TRAKD. We talked with the producer after his set to get some backstory on what his journey has been like. Starting with his first gig in Gainesville at Soundbar, playing deep house music. Then soon became a resident DJ for the establishment. SIDE TRAKD is now playing festivals and shows all around the Florida area. Originally developing his career with house music, SIDE TRAKD is leaning towards producing funky bass tunes. With inspirations from Manic Focus, Daily Bread, Opiuo, and recently Tripp St, there is no doubt that is becoming the case.


One event we were curious to hear about was Brainquility Music Festival, a smaller camping experience in Florida. SIDE TRAKD had nothing but positive experiences to discuss. In our interview he said, "Brainquility is always a special event for me. I have played and been a part of the team every year. This past year I had planned on doing a live band set, which ended up not working out. I was asked to cover Russ Liquid’s set at the amp because he had to cancel. I was able to link up with Chris Sgammato and asked him to play with me on the sax, it was incredible!" 


SIDE TRAKD's recent song "Flow" with the group Future Joy, is an example of how his music is developing. However, he is not losing focus on what got him started, which is house music. SIDE TRAKD and Future Joy are working on a new house music song set to release in the next few months. He is also working on a new super funky track with Chris Sgammato on sax and Royal Cameron playing guitar.

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