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Sofasound Interview

Florida's music scene is growing along with the artists that live in it. Sofasound gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk about this first hand. Producer of tracks for bitbird, Good Society, Chillhop Music, League of Legends Label etc. Sofasound is the proper example of what can be possible in today's music industry. 


As an musician joining a label can be an option. For others, lacking creative freedom will keep them away. Taking advantage of online platforms has been the path for new musicians. Now being an independent artist, Sofasound can take his artistic freedom to new limits. Over the past few years he has had the ability to work with artists such as Master Soul Boy, fortune. Hanz, Chromonicci. Dabow, Capshun, Meltycanon  etc. Showing the versatility in his sound and cutting a path for emerging artists.


Sofasound has just released his new single 'Wasted' with Zyra and has full plans to release more dance oriented music in the near future. Some great feel good vibes from this track and hopefully many more to come. An artist with dope sound and talent who will no doubt succeed in the music industry. After taking time off from playing live shows Sofa is ready to get back into the swing of things. Headphoneheavy plans to host Sofasound and many other skillful musicians at one of our monthly live music events held in Tampa, FL. It was a pleasure chatting with one of the greats. Lookout for updates regarding our upcoming events, interviews, live music reviews, and underground music news!

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